Lecture Programme 2024

10th January 2024
Chantal Brotherton Ratcliffe
First Catch a Squirrel

14th February
Lydia Bauman
Vermeer and Music – Art of Love and Leisure

13th March 2024
Roger Mendham

10th April 2024
Chloe Sayer
Mexican Art and Culture

8th May 2024
Sarah Lenton
Everything You Need to Know About the Royal Ballet in 60 mins

12th June 2024
Andrew Prince
Catherine the Great: The World’s Greatest Collector

10th July
Janusz Karczewski-Slowikowski
Are You Sitting Comfortably?

11th September
Ralph Hoyle
Mid 18th Century Rococo Silver – its social context and the adventures of its owners and makers

9th October 2024
Ray Warburton
Top 20 Most Popular Artworks in Britain Today

13th November
Tony Rawlins
The Three Kings – the Real Story