George in his studio

Committee members reviewing his sketches

Barbara Flint , George and one of his paintings


As part of an on-going initiative for various Young Arts projects, the Arts Society Tring Park in Hertfordshire, is sponsoring a talented young artist currently studying Art, the History of Art and Graphics at the prestigious Stowe School, Buckinghamshire.

George Morgan, 16 years old and a former pupil of John F. Kennedy school, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, won an Art scholarship to Stowe school in 2011. His work and talent so impressed the Tring Park Committee they agreed a sponsorship deal for his first year at Stowe. George starts his second year at Stowe in September and the Tring Committee were so impressed by his development and the art samples he produced of his first years’ work that they have agreed a further sponsorship of his second year.

The BBC have been filming a television documentary at Stowe school about the landscape and its glorious gardens and the effect they have on the individuals who use them and make them their venue for a tranquil visit. George was filmed by the BBC sketching the Temple of Concord and Victory in the magnificent gardens. The National Trust took over the management and running of this fine neo-classical garden in 1989.

Barbara Flint, Chairman of Tring Park, said, “We are proud and delighted to be sponsoring such a talented young artist who, we believe has a great future ahead of him. It is so important to encourage young people to learn and develop their talents alongside their peers to generate and create new and exciting ideas for the future. ” George hopes to attend The Prince’s Drawing School in London when he finishes at Stowe at the end of 2014. The aim of the Prince’s Drawing School is to raise the standard and profile of drawing through teaching and practise. It is one of only a few institutions in the world offering in-depth, quality tuition for those who wish to develop their observational drawing skills.

The Tring Park Society is currently reviewing a number of Young Arts initiatives with local schools.


The result of the recent rebranding investigation has now come to fruition and can be seen in a short video by clicking this link

Miss Sally Gomersall, art teacher, with Emma and her self portrait.

Emma and her self portrait.


A former art student from Tring School has won the opportunity to have one of her paintings exhibited at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London this year.

As part of a national project to encourage young artists Tring Park Decorative and Fine Art Society selected a self portrait painted by Emma Lansley as worthy of a wider audience. Their decision was supported by the Royal Society of British Artists who agreed that Emma’s work should be shown at their annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London, from  5-15 March 2014. Emma, a former student at Tring School, is currently studying at Leeds University where she is reading International Business and Marketing.

There are some 350 National Association of Decorative and Fine Art Societies around Great Britain and Tring Park is one of a number who work with educational establishments supporting students who show particular skills and have interests in a variety of art projects. Some 277 art works from 62 schools around the country were submitted to the Royal Society of British Artists for their consideration for exhibition.

Barbara Flint, Chairman of the Tring Park Society, said, “We are delighted that Emma has won the distinction of exhibiting her work to a bigger audience. One of the aims of our society is to support and promote Young Arts. It is important to nurture young people who show so much talent and creativity and help them to achieve their long term aims.”

The Tring Park Society is currently reviewing a number of Young Arts initiatives with local schools and the Dacorum Arts Partnership to give encouragement to youngsters who show a range of talents and artistic skills.

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Local artist, Jane Mitchell Finch, who has worked in Tring Primary Schools for many years encouraging participation in Art, has just completed a project with Year 3 pupils at Grove Road Primary School. The children have worked with enthusiasm, skill and obvious enjoyment to produce some tiles depicting aspects of life in Tring in the 21st Century. The tiles are a modern representation of the medieval tiles which are now on display in the British Museum and reflect life at that time. Year 3 also visited Tring Museum to view copies of the original tiles as part of their Local History topic.

The project was funded by Tring Park Decorative and Fine Arts Society.


Teachers and Year 13 Art students involved in the Inset Day workshop for teachers working in Junior schools in the Tring area.


This year the town of Tring in Hertfordshire celebrates the 700th anniversary of the grant of the Tring market charter by King Edward II in 1315. The celebration will be marked by numerous events over a three week period in June and July. One such event to mark this auspicious occasion was an exhibition by young art students, entitled “Trade in Tring”.

The Young Arts sub-committee of the Arts Society Tring Park have been working with Sally Gomersall, Head of Art at Tring School, organising a way to encourage school pupils to participate in art projects. As a result of this work, Tring School staff and their final year art students ran an Inset Day for teachers at junior schools in the Tring area whose students ultimately progress to Tring School.

The junior school teachers who attended the workshop were provided with a folio of market related photographs taken by Tring School art students. Tring School staff and a number of Year 13 Art students also worked with the junior school teachers to develop ideas and techniques which could be applied in their classrooms. The end product will be the “Trade in Tring” exhibition which will be held in the Desborough Hall at Tring School on the 27/28th June.

Barbara Flint, Chairman of the Arts Society Tring Park, said, “This project is one of a number of activities in which we are engaged to try and promote and encourage young people to become more interested in a variety of new ideas and techniques in art. We have received superb co-operation from all the teachers involved and I am delighted with the outcomes so far achieved. It is so important to nurture and encourage the undoubted artistic talents that so many youngsters are showing today. I am sure that by working through the teachers we can create a legacy which will inspire future students to express themselves using different art media”.


Preparing the exhibition


Following some joint collaborative work between Tring School and the Arts Society Tring Park a successful exhibition of young art students’ work was on show in the Desborough Hall at Tring School at the end of June. The exhibition was a part of the town’s celebration of the 700th anniversary of the grant of the Tring market charter by King Edward II in 1315.